Every performer and performance is different. That’s the beauty of it. 

At Lanesend, we want to create confident and happy performers, who feel comfortable in their ability to express themselves in a safe environment, where all feel equal and welcome. Our children will develop performance skills that include voice projection, expression and movement. They will cover all areas of the subject from improvised pieces, scripted productions and everything in between.

Characteristics of a Quality Performer 

  • A love of performing. 
  • An appreciation of the spoken word. 
  • An understanding the power of expression and body language. 
  • The confidence to break boundaries and explore opportunities outside of their comfort zones.

Expectations of a Quality Performer 

  • To project ones voice. 
  • To perform in front of an audience (however large or small that may be). 
  • To rehearse lyrics, lines and routines. 
  • To use body language to portray emotions and characteristics. 
  • To perform with a purpose. 
  • To vary tone and use this appropriately. 
  • To allow others to see the vision you’ve created, the way you want it to be seen. 

Aspirations for the Future 
A love of all things performing arts can lead to many of the following jobs that often apply to both stage and screen:

  • On stage – acting/ singing/ dancing. 
  • Off stage – props, costume and set design/ technical operator/ stage manager. 
  • Dance instructor. 
  • Choreographer. 
  • Director.
  • Producer. 
  • Theatre manager.