School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Plan 2022/23

 Our School Improvement Plan sets out how we aim not only to improve performance, but also to raise overall school standards, individual pupil achievement and to place staff development at the heart of school improvement.

Our excellent facilities not only benefit our own children, staff and local community, but are also used to strengthen our partnership work with colleagues from other schools as an academy. Our ever-improving environment enriches learning whilst helping children develop an awareness of values and a love of learning. We continue to rigorously monitor levels of attendance and value the continuing support of families and their involvement in their children’s learning.

Our strength comes from a relentless focus on providing high quality learning and teaching experiences, within a culture of continuous improvement. Efficient use of resources ensures that the school continues to give excellent value for money. Governors and staff look forward to working in partnership with everyone within our learning community to achieve our collective aims and ultimately benefit the children in our care.

School Improvement Plan 2022-23

School Self-Evaluation 2022-23