Our school has many reward systems in place and opportunities to share the successes and achievements that the children make.

Celebration Assemblies
Celebration Assemblies are held on Thursdays and year groups are on a weekly rota to attend these in the Hall. For the year groups not in the hall, Celebration Assemblies are held in class and wherever possible, we share photos of these with families on Class Dojo. In Celebration Assemblies, children are given certificates and stars for their lanyards linked to our Characteristics of a Stand Out Learner. The children begin with a bronze lanyard and work up to silver and then gold.

At Lanesend, we use positive behaviour systems and Dojo points reward system. Each class creates a Full Value Contract to identify expectations for quality behaviour at the start of the year. The school has many reward systems in place and values opportunities to share the successes and achievements of our children. We expect good manners and respect for all. We work hard to ensure that all of our children are able to mix socially, as well as demonstrate their academic abilities.
Our Celebration Breakfast is a weekly reward for children who are on ‘green’ for the whole week. Each week, a year group will select children who will join Miss Hopkinson for a celebration and conversation about their successes in school.

Hot Chocolate with the Head
Each week Mrs Sice chooses someone to come and have a hot chocolate with her. This is to celebrate children who model good behaviour and set an example to everyone else.