Team Lanesend Sport

Welcome to Team Lanesend Sport

Here at Lanesend, we are lucky to have lots of great facilities. Children are able to use the outdoor gym, swing, trampolines, snug equipment and trim fit trail during break and lunchtimes, play games on our fields and playgrounds, as well as having the opportunity to participate in many sports both within lesson times and during afterschool clubs and competitions. Our sports teams have enjoyed fantastic success this year, with both our cross country teams and our boys’ and girls’ footballs teams winning trophies. 

We have a class set of scooters which are used for P.E. lessons, after school clubs and interschool triathlon events. We also have a set of balance bikes to promote the development of balance and cycling skills in Early Years and KS1. In addition, we offer bike-ability and cycling training in our other year groups, supporting every child to learn to ride a bike.

To support our children becoming confident swimmers, we offer swimming lessons to all children in years 1-4. In years 5 and 6, children also have the opportunity to take part in a variety of water sports activities at UKSA, trying out a variety of activities from paddle-boarding to sailing. 

We have a variety of coaches in to support P.E. and Sport in our school, these include cycling, dance, gymnastics, football and ballet. These skills are shared as part of our P.E curriculum, and also through afterschool clubs.
'The Daily Mile' is a national school’s fitness initiative that we took on many years ago. Every child participates in this for 12 minutes per day, running or jogging around the school field or playground. Many children have reached over 100 miles so far this year, with some working towards their 200 mile awards. The Daily Mile has improved fitness, enthusiasm and confidence in activity, across the school.

There are lots of ways to keep active at home. We have included the links below: