Family Support Team

What is your role in school?

Welcome to the Family Support Team tab of our school website! Our job is to ensure that all families in school have open access to support. Our team has an open door policy for all parents and families, where we will listen and respond to your family and children's needs. We can develop action plans with you to provide your family with confidential and personalised support. We have in the past held parent workshops in school covering a range of topics that cover advice on family life and accessing external agencies. We work very closely with the Additional Educational Needs Team in school to support you.

I want to have a chat, who can I contact?

Hannah Holmes - Safeguarding Lead and Family Support -

Andrea Flux - Family Liaison Officer -

Maddie Dyer - Family Support Apprentice -

Our office is located near the main office in the main corridor entering school. Please knock on the door and we can have a cup of tea and a catch up with you if you would prefer to chat in person!

Some of our provisions in school are:

CAF/Early Help Intervention - a voluntary 'opt in' process where we listen to the needs of your family and your child to make sure you get the right sort of help. We may be able to involve specialist services in supporting the plan. An example may be the school nurse, housing, secondary school staff, speech and language support to name a few! We will create an action plan to support your family at home in partnership with you.

Family Check ins - do you fancy a cup of tea and a catch up? We are always here to be a listening ear and offer practical advice.

Solihull Support - practical parenting strategies to support you in helping your child. This approach also supports you in understanding your own values and confidence to help support you and your family. See Andrea or Hannah for more information!

Referrals to ongoing services – some examples are accessing support in the home with your child's challenging behaviour, befriending service to be a listening ear, counselling help for your child and financial support to name a few!

Support with short term school transport for struggling families 

Home visits for Reception intake and linked with pre school - We will support our Reception Team in introducing ourselves and visiting you as a family in your home. This is a great way to get to know our new children in  an environment they feel most comfortable!

Police beat surgeries - The local Police team have been attending school to offer advice and support to any families or children who have concerns in the local area or simple want to chat.

Pupil support:

Financial Support for you and your family:


Family Resources

Counselling and emotional support for children