LEAF (Lanesend Active Families)

Planned events: Sponsored Marathon, Movie Night, Christmas Grotto, Christmas cards, Games Night and a Read-a-thon.

LEAF (Lanesend Active Families) are parents who work together to enrich the curricular experience of all the children at Lanesend. Various events are organised throughout the academic year such as discos, school fairs, film nights, afternoon teas and other such fundraising ideas.

The funds have been used for:
• Supporting school trips
• Purchasing computers, cameras, camcorders for the school
• New and exciting school books
• Break time games, toys for the Reception children, outdoor equipment
• Entertainment for the children ie visitors to the school
• Providing leavers’ gifts …and many more!

We have also bought a new minibus - take a look!

For each event parents are invited to volunteer their help, which we believe means not only do we get the best people suited to each event, we also avoid parents feeling bound to help out every time! They then liaise directly with the Headteacher and further volunteers are requested as required. We look forward to welcoming you, and if you can offer any help for an event please let us know. The more the merrier!

If you are interested in being part of LEAF and supporting any events please contact Andrea Flux, Family Liaison Officer.

Take a look at some of our Christmas and Summer Celebration Events!

Traditional Summer Fayre
(Album 1) Lanesend Summer Music Festival
(Album 2) Lanesend Summer Music Festival
(Album 1) Music Festival Photobooth
(Album 2) Music Festival Photobooth
(Album 3) Music Festival Photobooth
Christmas Fayre
(Album 1) Shakespeare Summer Fayre
(Album 2) Shakespeare Summer Fayre
Christmas Fayre
(Album 1) Indian Street Market Celebration Event
(Album 2) Indian Street Market Celebration Event
(Album 3) Indian Street Market Celebration Event
(Album 4) Indian Street Market Celebration Event
(Album 5) Indian Street Market Celebration Event
(Album 6) Indian Street Market Celebration Event
Christmas Fayre
Nelson Mandela Freedom Celebration

Other events in school including fundraising and 'just for fun':

Sport Relief Gallery
(Album 1) Queen's 90th Birthday Photobooth
(Album 2) Queen's 90th Birthday Photobooth
(Album 3) Queen's 90th Birthday Photobooth
Spring Treasure Hunt
Children in Need
Pancake Races
Spring Treasure Hunt
(Album 1) Comic Relief Photo Booth
(Album 2) Comic Relief Photo Booth
(Album 3) Comic Relief Photo Booth
(Album 4) Comic Relief Photo Booth
Minibus Cake Sale
IOW Festival Raffle Ticket Competition
Harry Potter Disco for Minibus Fund
Cake Competition
Spring Treasure Hunt

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