What does SNAG stand for and what is it?

SNAG stands for ‘School Nutrition Action Group.’

It is a group designed to help review our schools food culture and develop and implement an action plan to improve it.


Why do we have SNAG?

  • To enhance the opportunities for children to access a healthy diet and to develop a positive attitude towards food and health.
  • To create a sense of responsibility and ownership amongst the children regarding food in school.
  • To promote good nutrition knowledge and cooking skills amongst the school population.
  • To facilitate the introduction of trial and testing of healthy dishes into the school menu.
  • To generate partnership working between relevant roles within school.


What do we talk about?

Discussions take place around ways to encourage people to make healthy choices both in school and at home. The SNAG Representatives take ideas back to their classes and share the actions and discussions raised. The SNAG Representatives are responsible for bringing their peer’s views to the meetings.


Our goals this year:

  • To achieve the ‘Food for Life’ Silver Award.
  • To ensure cooking is consistent throughout the school
  • To develop knowledge about the life cycle of food
  • To work with families around packed lunches and ways to make them healthier
  • To encourage children to try new foods


Our SNAG representatives: