Little Mermaid

Welcome to the Little Mermaid class...

A warm welcome to Little Mermaid Class...


We are a team of incredible children in our first year of school. We are delighted to have begun our learning adventures in school. As individuals, as a class, as part of the reception team and as part of the whole school, we know that our journey this year will be incredible! Our mission as we travel is to thoroughly enjoy and make most of every moment of our first year in school, to be proud of ourselves and celebrate wholeheartedly all of our achievements along the way.


In Little Mermaid Class we embrace and love learning! We know that learning is exciting and we ensure that as we learn and grow, we fit as much love, laughter, fun and smiles into our days that we possibly can. Our core class value is that we are a class family and this that means we are a strong team. As a team, we love and support each other, we have high expectations of ourselves and each other and we cheer each other on every day in all aspects of our learning, behaviour, life and etiquette skills.


We know how important it is to have a positive mindset and positive classroom culture and to help us achieve this we: 


  • Work as a team  

  • Do our best and feel proud  

  • Take on challenges and support each other to persevere  

  • Build and learn new skills everyday  

  • Learn from our marvellous mistakes  

  • Listen when others are talking  

  • Look after our classroom and outdoor areas – we learn, explore, play and put away!  

  • We use kind words, we have kind hands and hearts  

  • We think positively – we say ‘yes we can!’  

  • We use our magnificent manners!  



If you would like to meet us, please do come and say hello. Whatever we are doing in class we will welcome you and we will always be very happy to see you!





Teacher - Miss Jacobs

LSA's - Miss Westmore



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