NEW Policies 

New Anti-Bullying Policy 
New Positive Behaviour Policy
Safeguarding Policy
SEND Local Offer Policy 
SEND Policy
Prevent Risk Assessment 

Statutory School Policies

Acceptable Use Policy
Accessibility Plan 2019-22
Additional Educational Needs Policy 2021
Admissions Policy 2024-25
Admissions Policy 2023-24
Admissions Policy 2022-23
Admissions Policy 2021-22
Admissions Policy 2020-21
Admissions Policy 19-20
Admissions Policy 18-19
Attendance Policy 2021
Admissions and Attendance Registers Policy 2021
Attendance Management Policy and Procedure
Behaviour Policy
Behaviour Policy 2020 Addendum (COVID-19)
Business Contingency Plan 2020
Charging and Remissions Policy
Child Exclusion Policy
Code of Conduct Policy
Collective Worship and Assemblies Policy
Communication Policy 2021
Community Cohesion Policy 
Complaints Policy
Complaints Procedure for Families
COSHH Policy
Data Protection Policy and GDPR Policy
Dealing with Allegations against School Personnel, School Volunteers, the Headteacher or another Pupil
Disability Equality Scheme and Accessibility Plan Policy
Disciplinary Procedure Policy 2018
Disciplinary Procedure Policy 2018 - Additional Guidance 
Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) Checks Policy
EAL Policy 
Emergency Plan 2020
Equality Policy
E-Safety Policy
Extended Schools Policy
Fire Safety Policy
Fire Risk Assessment 2020
Fire Risk Assessment 2020 - appendix A - emergency rescue plan
First Aid Policy
Flexible Working Policy
Freedom of Information Policy
Governor Allowances Policy
Grievance Procedure Policy
Health and Safety at Work Policy
Health and Safety Policy
Health and Safety Policy Addendum (COVID-19)
Home School Policy
Home Visit Policy
Intimate Care Policy
Intimate Care Consent Form
Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023
Liaison and Transition Policy
Lone Working Policy
Lone Working Risk Assessment March 2020
Maternity Provisions Policy 2017
Mobile Phone Policy 
No Smoking Policy
Nutritional Standards Policy
Performance Progress Policy
Positive Handling Policy
Promise to Love Learning Partnership
Pupil Council Policy
Home learning Policy
Register of Business Interests of Headteacher and Trustees Policy 2020 
Relationship and Sex Education Policy
Risk Assessment Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Addendum (COVID-19)
Safeguarding Policy
Social Media Policy
School Trips Policy
School Website Policy
SEND Policy and Information 
SEND Local Offer Policy
Supporting Children In School with Medical Conditions Policy 
Teachers Capability Policy and Procedure
Transporting Children Policy 

Money Group

Additional Employment Policy
Asbestos Policy
Capability Policy
CCTV Policy
Conditions of Service Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Continuing Professional Development policy
Debt Policy
Directed Time Policy
ECT Policy
Extended Schools Policy
Financial Management Procedures Policy 
Health and Safety in the Curriculum Policy
Health and Safety Inspections Policy
Induction Policy
Intruder Policy
Learning Observation Policy
Lettings Policy
Management of School Records Policy
Minibus Policy
No Shoes Policy
Parental Leave Policy
Paternity Provisions Policy
Pay Policy
Pond Safety Policy
Protection from Harrassment and Bullying Policy
Restructuring Redundancy and Redeployment Policy
Road Safety Policy
Safer Recruitment Policy
School Closure Policy
School Security Policy
Shared Parental Leave Policy
Special Leave Policy
Staff Wellbeing Policy
Sun Protection Policy
Support Staff Performance Review Policy
Tendering Policy
Visitors and Contractors Policy
Voice Care Policy
Whistleblowing at Work Policy
Working at Height Restrictions Policy
Worklife Balance Policy including Directed Headship Time and Flexible Working

Full Governing Body (FGB) Group

Alcohol and Substance Misuse Policy
Board of Trustees Minutes Policy 2020
Trustees in Schools Policy 2020
Trustee and Members Allowance 

Child Centred Group

Adoption Provision Policy
Advocates and Independent Visitors Policy
Allergies and Intolerances Policy 
Anti-Cyber Bullying Policy
Diabetes Policy
Disposal of Nappies and Personal Protective Equipment Policy
Domestic Abuse Policy
Eating Disorders Policy
Emotional Health and Wellbeing of Children Policy
Epilepsy Policy
Headlice Policy
Looking After our Children Policy
Missing Child Policy
Pupil Voice Policy
Remarkable Children Policy
School Toilets Policy
Self Harm Policy
Separated Families Policy
Sick Child Policy
Transporting Children Policy
Troubled and Vulnerable Children Policy
Uncollected Child Policy
Use of Images Policy

Teaching and Learning Group

Animal Friendly Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy 2020
Anti-Violence and Aggression Policy
Assessment Policy
Calculation Policy
Coaching Policy
Community Food Policy
Computing Policy
Curriculum Policy 
Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment
Early Years Policy 2020
Early Years Transition Policy 2020
Eco Schools Policy
Educational Visits, Planning and Approval Policy
EYFS Key Person Policy 2020
Extra Curricular Clubs Policy
Family Involvement Policy
Feedback Policy
Home Learning Policy
Nutritional Standards Policy
NQT Policy 2020
Promoting British Values Policy
Pupil Council Policy
Pupil Premium and Sports Premium Policy
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Remote Learning Policy
School Uniform Policy
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) Policy
Swimming Policy
Volunteers Policy