Little Red Riding Hood

Welcome to Little Red Riding Hood class...

We are a class of four and five year olds embarking on our first year of primary school. In our class community, we ensure that teamwork, kindness, and pride are at the heart of our learning journey. A positive mindset is used to embrace all challenges that arise and we support each other to achieve our ‘can do’ moments.  
During the day we learn in classes, special key person groups and Phonic groups. Learning through play is also an important part of our day, which we refer to as ‘Discovery Time’. This is a time when we witness little builders, architects and engineers in the construction area, artists and illustrators in our art area, chefs and restaurant owners practising their table etiquette in our home corner and mud kitchen- only a few of the examples of careers we see in the making. 
We love to share our learning environment with our friends in Little Mermaid Class, which includes our exclusive reception outdoor environment. We capture our learning via Tapestry and share these with our families at home too so that all our successes and achievements can be celebrated by the important people in our lives.  
Please come and say hello, Red Riding Hood class would love to show you all the wonderful things we do 

Teacher - Miss Wren

LSA's - Mrs Richmond



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