Welcome to Aladdin class...

As part of the Year 6 team, we are 10 and 11 years old and enjoying our last full year at Lanesend. We are relishing the responsibility of being the oldest children in the school.

As a class we are supportive of each other and proud of each other's achievements. We are excited to learn and enjoy finding out new things together. As we near the end of our primary school education, we continue to learn to meet new challenges with confidence and resilience.

The class of Aladdin are:
- respectful of the needs of each other;
- interested to hear different opinions which may challenge our own beliefs and ideas;
- polite and considerate - we go out of our way to be thoughtful and caring;
- proud of our own achievements and those of others – no matter how big or small;
- resilient - we know that our hard work will pay off and lead to success;
- determined - determined to learn, determined to succeed and determined to have fun.


Teacher - Mrs Dyer, Miss Johnson

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