School Action Travel Plan


Our Policy

Lanesend Primary School encourages and supports the whole school community to travel more actively and sustainably where possible.

Studies show that travelling actively can help develop physical and mental well-being, social interaction, independent travel skills and good road sense. This helps ready our children for when they leave the school to go to transition into secondary education.

We currently work with a range of external providers, such as Wight Cycle Training, the ‘SHIFT-IT’ Awards Programme and the Isle of Wight Council, to keep up-to-date with any appropriate schemes, training or grants that help us deliver our School Travel Action Plan.

Our Current Offer

School Travel Action Plan – We have a current plan that is reviewed annually.

Cycle Training - We have training sessions for all ages and abilities. Bikeability is offered to Year 6 pupils. Balanceability club is run by the school.

Scooter Training – Playground sessions and pavement training around the school area are run by Wight Cycle Training

Road Safety Training – We actively engage with National Road Safety Week, and school programmes offered by outside agencies e.g. Fire Service.

Storage Facilities

Cycle/Scooter Storage – Our current storage is at the front entrance or in the playground which enables pupil’s bikes to be stored safely and securely in the scooter racks.

STAP_Headlines_Lanesend_Nov 2019.pdf

Our Achievements 2017-2019

We have:

 Engaged with the ‘Shift It’ programme and achieved the BRONZE and SILVER SCHOOLS AWARD!

 Staff members trained as a Balanceability Instructor.

 Increased the number of our community travelling actively and sustainably

 Offered every pupil some form of cycle or scooter training from Balanceability to Bikeability.

 Started using the Shift-It data collection app to keep track of the schools travel mode habits and trends.

 Reviewed the current STAP.

 Held an Active Travel Week.

Planning Ahead 2019/2020

We plan to:

 Complete Active Travel Challenges, which reflects the emphasis we put on healthy and active children as well as encouraging our school community to consider the environmental impact of the school run.

 Offer every pupil scooter training from Balanceability to Bikeability.

 Add active travel information to the school website.

 Increase frequency and classes using of the Shift-IT data collection app.

 Plan to add sustainable transport theme into the curriculum plan for the year.