Vision for Science
At Lanesend Primary School, we encourage children to develop an enquiring mind and analytical thinking skills through a topic based and relevant enquiry- based science curriculum. Science continues to change our lives in many different ways and learning about scientific knowledge, methods, processes and uses provides the foundations for understanding the world in which we live; today and for the future. We study a varied curriculum which is carefully planned to build on knowledge year by year and covers the three scientific areas of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Characteristics of a Quality Scientist 

·        A love of science and a passion for its application in past, present and future technologies. 

·        The ability to think independently and raise questions about working scientifically and the knowledge and skills that it brings. 

·        Confidence and competence in the full range of practical skills, taking the initiative in, for example, planning and carrying out scientific investigations. 

·        Excellent scientific knowledge and understanding which is demonstrated in written and verbal explanations, solving challenging problems and reporting scientific findings. 

·        High levels of originality, imagination or innovation in the application of skills. 

·        The ability to undertake practical work in a variety of contexts, including fieldwork. 

Expectations of a Quality Scientist


·        To understand plants 

·        To understand animals and humans 

·        To investigate living things 

·        To understand evolution and inheritance 


·        To investigate materials 


·        To understand movement, forces and magnets 

·        To understand the Earth’s movement in space 

·        To investigate light and seeing 

·        To investigate sound and hearing 

·        To understand electrical circuits 

Aspirations for the Future 
Scientists can have future careers in the following jobs: 

·        Aquatic vet 

·        Astronaut 

·        Animal researcher 

·        Marine biologist 

·        Helicopter mission control 

·        Weather presenter 

Children’s Voice 

Early Years Foundation Stage 

Archie: “I love finding the birds for our bird watch and ticking them off when I see them” 

Key Stage 1 

Cian: “I love our pond visits and seeing how it changes. I like learning about the body too because if you didn’t have any bones, you wouldn’t be able to stand” 

Poppy: “I like to find out lots about the world and how stuff works. We did an experiment with bread and watched what happened when we did different things to it”

Lanesend Science Skills Progression

Science Vision Poster