Our After School Clubs

As a school we aim to offer a wide variety of after school extra-curricular clubs, many of which are only a £1 for children to attend.  You will be notified and a School Form will be emailed to you so you can select a club for your child.

We do have some clubs which are run by outside professionals such as Skateboarding, Ballet and African Drums. The payment for all clubs has to be paid in advance, and unfortunately if a family has a debt to the school this must be cleared first before your child is allocated a place.

Summer Term 2022 after school clubs:


Year R: Watercolour painting
Year R: Multiskills

Year 2: Carnival
Year 2: Sewing

Year 5: DJ
Year 5: African Drums

Year 5&6: Performance

Year 6: Rounders


Year 1: Signing Choir
Year 1: Ball Skills

Year 2: Skateboarding

Year 3: Yoga
Year 3: Tennis
Year 3: Multi Sports


Year 1: Ballet

Year 6: Volleyball and Extreme Frisbee


Year 4: Summer Sports
Year 4: Multi Skills