Additional Educational Needs

Additional Educational Needs

Additional Educational Needs Policy
SEND Local Offer Policy

The needs of every child are varied; each child is an individual. We have a well-established learning support system with specially trained staff working either alongside children in class or in small groups. We regularly monitor the progress of children receiving support. After full discussion with parents it may then be necessary for us to place a child on the SEN register, to provide tailored support through a Personal Plan.

The level of support will vary from child to child depending on their need. Support, guidance and assessment can be sought from professionals to provide a holistic approach to your child’s learning and developmental needs.

If you would like any further information on this subject, then please review the school’s ‘Local Offer’ which can be found on our website. Alternatively please request a copy of our SEND policy along with any further guidance materials that we have. Please ring the school and we can send you copies of the appropriate policies.

Who do I contact at Lanesend?
Our Inclusion Team members are:

Vicki Thomas - Inclusion Officer - Email
Chloe Johnson - AEN Assistant - Email -
Jessi Holmes - AEN Assistant - Email

What is a Personal Plan?
Here at Lanesend we have changed what was the old Individual Education Plan (IEP) to a document called a ‘Personal Plan’. If a child is placed on the Additional Educational Needs register, a Personal Plan will be drawn up.

A Personal Plan is a document which explains everything about your child. It will detail any assessments that have been completed, diagnoses that have been made and list any professionals involved.

Details of any external reports for example speech and language reports, Educational Psychology recommendations or Physiotherapy exercises to name a few will all be placed on the Personal Plan to implement. The Personal Plan will be reviewed every 6 weeks with progress comments and next steps. A copy of your child’s Personal Plan will also be sent home half termly.

Every 6 weeks your child will also have a ‘Teacher Target’ in place. This is a short and achievable goal which your child’s class teacher has set as a focus. Once the six weeks are completed, this target will be reviewed by all relevant staff involved and either closed or changed for the next 6 weeks.

Medical information in relation to the AEN Team
Supporting Children With Medical Conditions in School

Why does my child have a Risk Assessment in place?
An Individual Health and Risk Assessment will only be developed for a child based on one or more of the following reasons:
• A Medical Condition where your child is medicated in school e.g. Asthma, Diabetes, regular controlled medication, etc
• A Medical Condition which potentially could cause significant harm to your child e.g. Asthma, Febrile Convulsions, Food allergies etc
• A Diagnosis of ADHD
• A Diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder
• Significant Behavioural Difficulties
• Physical challenges including significant mobility issues
A central requirement of our Medical and Additional Educational Needs policy is for an Individual Health and Risk Assessment to be prepared for those children who have one or more of the above conditions. This document will detail the support your child needs, how this will be provided and any risk factors that have been identified.

Health and Risk assessments are developed in partnership between school, parents & pupils. If required, we may contact relevant health care professionals who can advise on your child’s condition. The aim is to ensure that we know how to support your child effectively and to provide clarity about what needs to be done, when and by whom.
This document will be reviewed once every term (3 times a year) unless the child’s family provide additional information in writing to school detailing the change required.

What provisions do you run as an AEN Team?

Take a look at what some of our children have been up to!
Boots to Ballet BalletWorks Performance
Boots to Ballet in partnership with BalletWorks at Medina Theatre
Boots to Ballet Fundraiser - In school July 2018
Volunteer Tea Party 2018
Country Dancing 2018
STEM Trip to Ben Ainsley Racing 2018
AEN Shop October 2017
Sensory Circuit September 2017
Road Safety Training 2017
Healthy Eating Sessions
Branston Farm
Age UK – letter drop bridging the gap between the community
Coastal Heritage
Passport Tea Party and Reward Event
Park Court – Choir visit at Christmas
Antibullying Ambassadors 2017/2018 and Antibullying Ambassador Cake Sale
Country Dancing Album 1 and Country Dancing Album 2
Eco Mentoring
Young Carers fund raiser

Remarkable Children at Lanesend Primary School

Remarkable Children Policy
As part of our Gifted and Talented Programme, we believe that ‘Remarkable Children’ come in all shapes and sizes. Remarkable children can be recognised through either an academic achievement or a talent. Here at Lanesend we are always on the hunt for a blossoming chef, mathematician, artist, performer or entrepreneur to name a few!

Take a look at some of our opportunities for our Remarkable Children.

Newchurch Workshops planned for 2018-2019:
Solar Mars Roverwith Hands on Science
Discover: Robots and Rockets with Winchester Planetarium
Non-fiction writing workshopwith Matt Whyman
Time Traveller Tourist WWI AS Creatives
CSI: Bake Off Maths workshop with Maths at AS Creatives
Physical Theatre with Olivia Hieser
Circus Skills Workshop with the Starlight Boutique
Non-fiction workshop with Zella Compton
Aspiring Mathematicians with Pete Hall
Pop-up Natural History Museum with Arc Consulting


2018-2019 Achievements:

October 2018 - Vestas technology day for our Remarkable Girls - well done Matilda Eames, Freya Prescott, Lexi Gledhill and Maisy Arnold.

Newchurch Workshops planned for 2017-2018:
Roller Coaster Engineer Workshop - Hands on Science
Sounds Interesting! Science and physics workshop
Lighting and Sound Whirlwind Workshop
Maths Problem Solving Workshop
Bollywood Dance Workshop
Story Writing with Colin Parsons
Aspiring Mathematician Workshop
Goodleaf Tree Climbing Exploration Workshop


2017-2018 Achievements:
September 2017 - Thomas Worthing and Lewis Gadsby (Year 5) have auditioned for Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra on the mainland. Lewis received a commendation from the judges and Thomas was shortlisted to the final 15 students! Well done boys!

October 2017 - Literary Festival champions! Mia Holmes and Thomas Worthing have been chosen to represent the school at the Isle of Wight Literary Festival story competition. Unfortunately Thomas could not make the event on Sunday 15th October so Mia Holmes, Bonnie Merritt and Ashton Potter took to the stage and won 2nd prize and a commendation! Well done team.

November 2017 - Irish dancing success for one of our Year 2 children who competed in a cluster competition and show. She won some trophies too - Well done!

December 2017 - Well done to our talented Chorale who took to the stage at the Isle of Wight Christmas Festival to share their beautiful singing voices. Our Charale members were Loralai, Bonnie, Lewis, Jay, Lucas, Maeve, Mia, Kiya, Lizzie, Nanci, Lyla, Demi-Leigh, Sophie, Poppy and Rhys.

December 2017 - Fabulous acting in the Trinity Theatre production of 'Peter Pan' by Poppy Gadsby, Lewis Gadsby, Marcia Holmes, Elliot Kay and Dylan Kay.

January 2018 - Lewis Gadsby and Lyla Hunter will be completing a duet in the speech and Drama festival due to take place on the 4th of March. Watch this space!

January 2018 - Thomas Worthing is polishing his Irish Dancing with some extra classes in school with Jessi Holmes. Thomas is a very talented young dancer and is taking part in Global Rock Challenge too this year.

March 2018 - We were lucky enough to enter our children into the speech and drama festival in Ryde. Here are our winners below and their categories:

Reading Poetry and Prose:

Distinction Award
Ewan Archer

Merit Awards
Reilly Bristow, Bonnie Merritt, Alfie Weeks, Kiya Illett, Maisie Moore, Maeve Hall, Mia Holmes, Lucas Illett, Summer Ringer, Cadence Wilson, Penny Grove, Lola Merritt, River Steers, Lily Baughaun and Henry Wyld.

Commendation Awards
Alfie Davis Luter, Ashton Potter, Jimmy Archer, Oriol Gangonells, Emma Rice, Lily Boudewijn, Nanci Phillips, Deme-Leigh Furnival, Sophie Buggs, Faith Rimmer and Matthew Boulter.

Choir awards:

Merit Awards:
Ashleigh Cox, Bella Cundall, Liam Robinson, Korey-Blake white, Summer Baylis, Archie Burborough, Lily-Lou Hetherington, Demi Mcbride and Imogen Spain

Commendation Awards:
Bonnie Merittt, Lizzie Cottis, Kiya Illett, Alex Mcmahon, Rhys Parkman, Maeve Hall, Mia Holmes, Lucas Illett, Lewis Gadsby, Nanci Phillips, Demi-Leigh Furnival, Lyla Hunter, Sophie Buggs and Poppy Thomas


Newchurch Workshops 2016-2017:
Stomp Dance Workshop - a visit from the West End
Love to Learn - encouraging high aspirations
Hands on Maths Roadshow with the University of Cambridge
CSI Blood Splatters Workshop
Illustrate a Classic
Life in the Medina Estuary
Writers Workshop with Author Zella Compton
Comic Creator Workshop
Maths Problem Solving
Sports Conditioning

2016-2017 Achievements:
Spelling Bee Winners
Literary Festival Winners
Speech and Drama Winners Day 1
Speech and Drama Winners Day 2
Winners of competitions etc
Recall and Reminisce Project with Age UK Veterans
Tycoon in Schools Business Project - presentation to school
Tycoon in Schools Business Project - planning stages
Tycoon in Schools Business Project - Packaging
Useful Information for Families:
Are you eligible for Short Breaks? Information for Short Breaks here
Do you need a third party source of advice? SEND IASS Information here
Wight Chyps/Local offer for the Isle of Wight Find out about local clubs, services and provisions for children with SEN here

IW Local Offer
A source of local information help, support and advice for parents and carers with children and young people who have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) 0-25 years old.

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