Statutory School PoliciesSafeguarding and Welfare of Children PoliciesSchool Health and Safety Policies
• Additional Educational Needs Policy• Adoptions Provisions Policy• Allergies and Intolerances Policy
• Accessibility Plan• Acceptable Use Policy• Allergies Policy
 Admisisons Policy• Advocates and Independent Visitors Policy• Anti Violence and Aggression Policy
• Admisisons Policy 2018-19• Anti-Bullying Policy• Asbestos Policy
• Admission and Attendance Registers Policy• Anti Cyber-bullying Policy • Business Continuity Plan
• Anti-Bullying Policy• Anti-Bullying flyer - Child Friendly Policy CCTV Policy
• Attendance Policy• Attendance PolicyCOSHH Policy
• Behaviour Policy
• Behaviour Policy• Disposal of Nappies and Personal Protective Equipment Policy
• Capability Policy• Charging and Remissions Policy
• Charging and Remissions Policy• Confidentiality Policy• Diabetes Policy
• Child Exclusion Policy • DBS Policy• Epilepsy Policy
• Collective Worship Policy• E-Safety Policy• First Aid Policy
• Community Cohesion Policy• Eating Disorder Policy• Health and Safety in the Curriculum Policy
• Code of Conduct Policy• Health and Safety at Work Policy• Health and Safety Inspections Policy

Complaints Policy

 Complaints Procedure - Parent Guide

• Intimate Care Policy• Health and Safety at Work Policy
• Conditions of Service Policy• Intruder Policy• Health and Safety Policy
• Confidentiality Policy• Looking After Our Children Policy• No Shoes Policy
• Data Protection Policy• Missing Child Policy• Risk Assessment Policy
• Disability Equality Scheme and Disability Accessibly Plan • Mobile Phone Policy • Road Safety Policy
• Positive Handling Policy • Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Addendum to Policy
• DBS Policy• Safeguarding Policy
• Dealing with Allegations against School Personnel, School Volunteers, the Headteacher or another Pupil Policy• Safer Recruitment Policy• Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy
• School Security Policy• School Toilets Policy
• Disability Equality Scheme and Disability Accessibly Plan • School Trips Policy • Voice Care Policy
• Self-Harm Policy• Working at Height Policy
• Disciplinary Procedure• Sick Child Policy  
• Emergency Plan Policy• Student Work Placement PolicyStaff Policies
• Equality Policy• Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Addendum to Policy Attendance Management Policy Procedure
• Conditions of Service Policy
• Fire Safety Policy• Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy• Continuing Professional Development Policy
• Freedom of Information Policy• Troubled and Vulnerable Children Policy• Domestic Abuse Policy
• Governing Body Minutes Policy

 Transporting Children Policy

• Uncollected Child Policy

 Disciplinary Procedure 
• Governors Allowance Policy• Use of Images Policy• Grievance Procedure Policy
• Grievance Procedure Policy• Visitors and Contractors Policy• Maternity Provisions
• Home Learning PolicyVolunteers Policy• Protection from Harassment and Bullying Policy
• Health and Safety at Work Policy• Parental Leave Policy
• Health and Safety PolicyEarly Years Policies• Paternity Provisions
• Home School Policy • Early Years Policy• Redundancy Policy
• Instrument of Government Policy• Early Years Transition Policy• Special Leave Policy
• Liaison and Transition Policy• EYFS Key Person Policy• Staff Wellbeing Policy
• Mobile Phone Policy• Shared Parental Leave Provision
• No Smoking PolicySchool Environment Policies• Teachers Capability Policy and Procedure 
• Pupil Council Policy• Minibus Policy• Whistleblowing at Work Policy
• Promises to Love Learning Partnership Agreement• Pond Safety Policy • Work Life Balance Policy
School Closure Policy  Induction Policy 2018
• Risk Assessment Policy


School Sport and Healthy Lifestyle Policies

• Safeguarding PolicyFinancial Policies• Headlice Policy
• School Prospectus Policy• Financial Management Procedures Policy• Nutritional Standards Policy
• School Website Policy Tendering Policy• Sun Protection Policy
• Sex and Relationships Policy• Swimming Policy 
• SEND Local Offer PolicyPupil Policies
• Support Staff Performance Management Policy• Curriculum Policy School Improvement Policies
• Extended Schools Policy• Assessment Policy
• SMSC Policy
 Pupil Voice Policy• Data Protection Policy
• Remarkable Children Policy• Emotional Health and Wellbeing of Children Policy
Governor Policies• School Uniform Policy• Pupil Premium Policy
• Debt Policy Pupil Council Policy
• Governing Body Minutes PolicySchool Curriculum Policies
• Governors in School Policy• Extra-Curricular Activities Policy
• Instrument of Government Policy
• Lettings Policy  
 Lanesend Declaration of Interest Form
• Register of Business Interests of Headteacher and Governors Policy  
 Registration of Business Interests for School Governors Guidance notes