Jessica Dove

Year 5 Teacher
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I feel very lucky to be part of team Lanesend after having studied a Masters in Primary Education at the University of Winchester. Having experienced a range of schools and educational environments during my training years, I am excited to bring what I have gained from these experiences to Lanesend. I have a specialism in Art and Design and love to participate in art activities outside of school, as well as promoting them inside school. I am passionate about promoting creativity within children and schools because it encourages different styles of thinking and allows everyone to be themselves in all subjects. Outside of school, I love to explore nature and be outdoors. I believe that outdoor learning opportunities are extremely important for children to learn about and appreciate the world they live in.

On top of this, I also have an interesting hobby outside of teaching that I love. Interestingly, I am a practical pistol shooter in the AAIPSC sport (one of the top UK ladies). I compete all over the country with this sport, training every week and providing support to my fellow competitors. I have participated in this sport from a very young age and when I started I was one of the only girls doing the sport. As a result of this, I will also encourage children to strive for any goal they can dream of and not be afraid to stand out in the crowd.

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