Daisy Dog

School Therapy Dog 

I am a 1 year old Australian Labradoodle. I joined the team in January 2020 and very quickly became the most popular member. By being in the school I have improved the well-being of both staff and the children. 



 Daisy is our Lanesend Primary School Therapy Dog. She joined our team in January 2020 and we now cannot imagine a time without her. Daisy is an Australian Labradoodle and she is a hypo-allergenic dog. Her breed is specifically bred in Australia to support visually impaired people. They are very intelligent dogs that are very kind and gentle. Daisy lives with Mrs Sice and her family and she is trained by Ability Dogs 4 Young People.


Daisy has many jobs in school. You will often see her first thing in the morning on the gates with Mrs Sice or Mrs Flux saying hello to the children and the families. She likes it when people say hello to her and stroke her fur. She will also help walk children into school in the morning if they are feeling a little bit upset or unsure.


During the day, Daisy spends her time in Mrs Sice’s office. Children can come and visit her and she loves to be read to or share a game with them. Daisy will also often be found having a walk or a play on the field with children, usually with Mrs Flux or Miss Hopkinson. She is also involved with our Thoughtful Thursday challenges and she even has her very own Instagram account called thedaisydogdiaries.


If your child has a worry around dogs, they do not have to interact with Daisy, we just ask you to let us know this when they start school. However, we are happy to support them to spend time with Daisy and get used to her at their own pace if you would like them too. We will with closely with you to do this.


We feel very lucky to have Daisy as part of our team and she is real ray of sunshine around our school.

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