This term's topic: 'A Leap in Time'

This term’s topic is ‘A Leap in Time’ and the teachers have planned some really lovely learning from time travelling with Doctor Who to looking ‘Back to the Future’ with Marty McFly, as well as looking at paintings, history, space and time. One of our aims is to get the children telling the time in both analogue and digital. With this aim, we have ordered every child a watch to wear in school to help them tell the time.

The plan of action is to keep the watches in school and the children will wear them every day until the end of our topic on time. If they can then tell the time they will be able to keep their watch and wear it to school (so that they can always know how long it is until home time!)

We hope that this will be a real incentive to help the children learn to tell the time and make every second count.

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