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Welcome to the Year 4 page!.

We work very closely as a year group and the children sometimes move between teachers and classrooms to receive more specialist teaching. The children are also set for Maths but are in their class groups for English.

There are three topics throughout the year, which the whole school participate in. In addition to this there are numerous occasions when the children will have other learning experiences such as the Cardboard Challenge, Take One Picture Week and Olympic Week. Certain days will also be dedicated to a particular area of learning for example Diwali Day and Author Visits.

We aim for the children to have wide and varied learning opportunities in Year 4. 




Teacher - Mr Andre

LSA's - Miss Pilsworth


Year 3 and 4 Topic Plan - Who do you think you are

Year 4 Home Learning Grid - Spring 2019

Year 4 Summer Newsletter 2019


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