In Snowdonia class we like to share the good work that we do and we try to present it as best we can. In our class we love to learn different subjects such as maths, literacy, spellings and many other things. All of the students in our class have at least two interesting talents.

Our teacher is very fun and he loves to have hugs from everybody his name is Mr. Andre’. I was very happy when I found out Mr. Andre’ was my teacher at the start of the school year.

Everybody in our class are very hungry when it comes to lunch time and very excited.

That is probably all you need to know about our class and our teacher, thank you for reading and please visit us any time.

Summer (8 Years Old)


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Teacher - Mr Andre

LSA's - Natasha Mumford, Mai Trang, Vonnie Jupe, Simone Smith, Emily Fallick, Angie Jennings, Mandy Dale



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