Pupil Council

Academic Year 2016-17 Representatives:

Cameron Winchcome (Yr R), Lyle Crews (Yr R), Elliot Kay (Yr 1), Leo Reynolds (Yr 1), Olivia Arnold (Yr 2), Ellis Hanks-Marinelli (Yr 2), Sophie Buggs (Yr 2), Lyla Hunter (Yr 3), Finlay Munt (Yr 3), Kennidee-Lilley Gladdis (Yr 4 ), Phoebe Nash (Yr 4), Summer-Louise Ekland (Yr 5), Ashton Potter (Yr 5), Daisy Sketchly-Tanner (Yr 6), Sky Savill (Yr 6)

Pupil Council Policy


What is our Pupil Council for?

The Pupil Council is about:

  • Learning to work together
  • Learning to give everyone a voice
  • Learning how to play a positive role in our community
  • Learning to develop healthy, safer lifestyles
  • Creating a safe, happy but fair learning environment

The Pupil Council’s job is to involve everyone. It needs to get everyone:

  • Finding things they want to change
  • Coming up with ways to make them better
  • Putting those ideas in to action
  • Seeing what works (evaluating)

The Constitution of the Pupil Council:

  • Each class will elect a pupil and a deputy to be their representative.
  • The Pupil Council will be made up of two representatives from each year group.
  • Extra members can be co-opted if the elected membership does not reflect the school community, for instance, the ethnic groups within the school or pupils with special needs or disabilities.
  • The Pupil Council will meet every two weeks.
  • The Pupil Council will elect a chairperson and vice chairperson.
  • The Chair, the Vice-Chair and Deputy Headteacher are responsible for running meetings, giving everyone an equal chance to have their say, and making sure the Council comes up with practical solutions to problems.
  • The school will provide a secretary who will take minutes of the Pupil Council meetings. These will be kept in a book and distributed to classes once they are typed up to reflect the meeting/decisions made. They will also be displayed on the Pupil Council display board.



Pupil Council Minutes

PC Meeting 16th March 2017

PC Meeting 26th January 2017

PC Meeting 12th January 2017

PC Meeting 24th November 2016

PC Meeting 10th November 2016

PC Meeting 20th October 2016

PC Meeting 4th October 2016