Global Rock 2018 - Award Winners

We are very pleased to have been awarded the following at our performance:

  • Ansvar Insurance Award of Excellence for Visual Enhancement.
  • Southampton City Council Award of Excellence for Costuming Character.
  • Stage Coach Award of Excellence for Stage Use.
  • Ansvar Insurance Award of Excellence for Soundtrack.
  • ACRO Criminal Records Office Award of Excellence for Set Design & Function.
  • Project Pictogram Award of Excellence for Concept.
  • Hampshire County Council Award of Excellence for Lighting.
  • Securigroup Award of Excellence for Entertainment.

Finally we were awarded the J Rock Award for School Community Support, won for the following:
"Our school is situated on the Isle of Wight, where many local businesses have offered support to help our children access this wonderful experience. Local ferry companies have offered us a discounted price to allow us to travel to the mainland, t shirt companies have offered support to help our children be safe on the day and we have also received a generous amount of sponsorship. This year, our families have been truly wonderful offering evenings and weekends to craft some beautiful costumes and amazing set. We have even had families support us who do not even have a child participating this year! Our productions grow with ambition each year, and this is only possible due to our motivated, driven and selfless community who want the best for our children. Team Lanesend stretches far and wide, thank you to all who make new possibilities a reality for our children."

A huge thank you to everyone who made this year's performance a memorable one! The children had a fantastic day.

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