Tim Peake spoke The Tempest class in a live webcast from the International Space Station

The Tempest class had a super trip to Liverpool on Tuesday 2nd February. During their trip they visited the World Museum and participated in a live web chat with British Astronaut, Tim Peake, from the International Space Station. During their live web chat, Tim conducted live space experiments and did a 'follow the leader’ dance routine with the children. 

There were just eleven schools in the country chosen to take part in this trip so we were very lucky!

"The Tempest class children travelled further to see Major Tim Peake than he himself travelled to get to the International Space Station. But he couldn't stop off for the toilet or a burger on the way!" - Mr. Andre.

You can view our photos from their fabulous trip here.

You can also read IW County Press coverage here.

We must say a big thank you to Red Funnel for providing us with free transport, otherwise it might not have been possible.

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