Helping your child at home

Reading with your child is a great way to get involved in their education. Not only is it rewarding for your child, but it gives you a way of seeing them develop their skills. It's also a fun activity to share.

We would really like to encourage our children, parents and carers to read together at home. To get you started, our Literacy co-ordinator Sally Coppen has put together a collection of resources which you can find below.

There is a video to get you started and then three lists for your child to enjoy according to their age. You might also want to see if you have read any of the books on the list!

Please let us know what you think of this idea and any ways that we can improve it. The resources can be found below:

See below for the lists of the top books to read

100 Best Books 0-5

100 Best Books 6-8

100 Best Books 9-11

Please click here to go to the Lanesend YouTube channel, where you will find some very useful educational videos! 






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