Dawn Gilbert

Year 4 Teacher
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This is now my ninth year at Lanesend Primary and I feel very privileged to be working with such an amazing team, in an amazing school with amazing children. Prior to Lanesend I taught Year 5 in a Middle School which was a very interesting, challenging and exciting time for me and before this I was a teaching assistant where I was inspired and enthused by many amazing teachers that I worked with. I have taught in all years from Year One to Year 5 and enjoyed every minute!

You will find me in Year Two. I also coordinate the wonderful student teachers that are placed in our school and support Key Stage One in the teaching and learning of maths. I am a lover of creativity, a lover of maths and a lover of music and I am passionate about my role as both learner and educator who can and does make a difference to others. That is why I became a teacher and that is why I completely changed my own learning journey.

I have had many interesting roles since leaving school and began in retail clothing. I then moved to the care sector which led me to becoming a dispenser of medicines in a pharmacy. It wasn't until my youngest child entered school that I began to volunteer at my local primary school in my spare time and it was here that I secured a post as a teaching assistant. From the very first day I stepped foot inside the classroom I knew that this was my vocation and enrolled on a nursery nurse course at college. Three years later I progressed to university and, finally, after 8 years I successfully completed my degree in Early Years and Educational Studies. I trained as a teacher on the Graduate Teacher Programme Course and have not looked backed since.

I love every day here at Lanesend and feel very lucky to be teaching in a school that I was once taught in myself. Every day is so very different and every day I find myself learning something new. My classroom is a very special happy place that is safe and nurturing, where little people are celebrated for their uniqueness, and independence and problem solving go hand in hand. Making a difference and making a change in young people’s lives is why I am here, seeing those ‘I can do it’ moments, the happiness and the success and the feeling of pride is unforgettable. It is why I continue to do what I do. It is why I will continue to strive to ‘make that difference’ and why my own learning journey will continue onwards, ever seeking, ever learning, never stopping.


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