Wizard of Oz

Welcome to Year 6, the final stop before secondary school and the last year of school in no shoes! We work hard, we challenge ourselves and although we’re competitive in and outside the classroom, we’re always a team. 

Our biggest task is to make you feel confident about your next adventure at secondary school and with that means greater independence and resilience. While building these skills we will also be well prepared for those pesky tests in May. 

Take advantage of all the clubs available and enjoy the varied diet of subjects that we will cover in the warm and sunny summer term. 

Work hard, play hard and have fun! Enjoy your learning; enjoy each other and embrace your responsibilities at the top of the school. This year will be one of the most memorable years of your school life. 



Teacher - Mrs Dyer , Mr Cooper

LSA's - Miss Ward , Miss Smith , Mrs Cooper , Miss Finch , Mrs Revert-West


September newsletter Year 6

Y5 & 6 homework grid - The Classics



Useful Websites

Overview of the National Curriculum tests 2016
Information for parents: 2016 national curriculum tests at the end of key stages 1 and 2


Curriculum Overview Autumn 2016
Homework Grid Autumn 2016

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