Wild times at Lanesend!

Last night the crowd went wild as Lanesend Primary performed ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ at J Rock 2016. Our entry was kindly sponsored by Wightfibre, Island Facility Services and the Cowes Charity Committee.

86 children from Years 3 to 6 participated in the event, having come 3rd last year, which was the first time the school had been placed, the team were determined to go bigger. The night exceeded all expectations when the awards were announced.

The evening really did go wild when the final award of the night was announced and Lanesend Primary were awarded first place. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, with families, children and staff completely stunned and overwhelmed with the success.

You can view our Global Rock 2016 gallery here


- Winner of the 2016 Be Your Best Southampton J Rock – Thursday Night
- Pauline Quirke Academy Award of Excellence of Performance Skill
- ACRO Criminal Records Office Award for Performer’s Choice
- Hampshire County Council Award of Excellence for Stage Use
- Pauline Quirke Academy Award for Spirit of J Rock
- HC3S Award of Excellence for Set Design and Function
- Hampshire County Council Award of Excellence for Entertainment
- Sew n So Award of Excellence for Costuming Character
- Hampshire Healthy Schools Award of Excellence for Visual Enhancement
- ACRO Criminal Records Office Award of Excellence for Drama
- Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award of Excellence for Concept
- Radian Award of Excellence for Soundtrack
- Chloe Johnson – Winner of the 2016 Sir John Hoddinott Award for Individual Excellence

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