The Faraway Tree

Welcome to The Faraway Tree class. We are a class of four year olds turning five and are in our first year at Lanesend Primary School.

A day in reception allows us to explore our own interests while also developing new ones through adult led activities and the environment around us.

“I like making machines in the art room. I use the boxes and cellotape and paint it any colour”- Sonny.

“I like being a robot in P.E and drawing zigzags on the big paper after.”- Phoenix

How we learn is very important to us in Reception so that we are motivated and determined to succeed throughout all our years of schooling.

“I like doing our good morning song every day to my partner and saying Yes I Can.”- Austin.

“Trying lots of activities is good for our learning and we must never give up.”- Clara.

“When we work hard, we get a privilege card.”- Freddie

What is most important to ‘The Faraway Tree’ class is that we are kind to each other and work together as a team.

“We like sharing with our friends and our kindness elf gives us kind cards.”- Sofia- Maria.

“I like to play with my friends outside on the climbing frame.”- Layla.

Our day allows us the opportunity to explore across all three classrooms and in addition to this, we also have access to our own outdoor area.

“We enjoy making cakes in the mud kitchen. Sometimes we make a bit of a mess”. - Micah

But most importantly, we still find time to stop for lunch.

“My favourite part is lunchtime.  I love jacket potatoes”. -Adam


Teacher - Miss Wren

LSA's - Mrs Richmond, Mrs Domoney and Mrs Rothwell


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