The Dove

Welcome to The Dove class...

You can get a feel for who we are from our class/ship ethos below.


Ships charter for the captain, crew and all visitors to The Dove:


We sail out confidently and courageously.

We set our sights high.

We are ship-shape.

We work hard All hands on deck.

We are curious. 

We steer our own course.

We are respectful, polite, patient and kind.

We make mistakes. We say sorry.  We get over it.

We have fun and keep our spirits high - often by singing - especially sea shanties

We calm ourselves.

We learn, laugh and smile, as we journey happily together, each day.

We are a family.


We look forward to sharing all our learning for 2020-2021 with you all!

Teacher - Ms Campion

LSA's - Kathryn Brett, Natasha Mumford and Jaqui Thornett


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Spring Home Learning Grid


Spring Newsletter 2021

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