Santa Maria

Welcome to Santa Maria class!

We are a class of 21 year six children, who are looking forward to the challenges, opportunities and new experiences our final year at Lanesend is guaranteed to give us. Our class teachers this year are Mrs Dyer and Miss Johnson.

Santa Maria is the name of Christopher Columbus’ flag ship from his first voyage where he planned to discover a new route to China by travelling west rather than east! He never realised in his lifetime that he had in fact discovered islands off of America, a whole new continent. These islands became known as the West Indies thanks to the initial intentions of Columbus when he set off on his historic first voyage in 1492.

As it is our final year at primary school, we will strive to be positive role members for younger school members and our peers to look up to. We will also aim to achieve our best in all that we do and as our class contract states, ‘We will look out for our crew mates at all times, by valuing everyone, trying our best and being positive – all completed with a smile!’

We will also be developing an attitude for learning and accepting challenges which will prepare us for what lies ahead and help us to succeed when we move on to secondary school and beyond.

In the words of Christopher Columbus himself, ’You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.’


Teacher - Mrs Dyer

LSA's - Maria Revert-West, Claire Gladdis, Emma Crawley, Simone Smith and Charlotte Clare


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