Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a class where magical things happen! We think happy thoughts, travel together on our learning journeys and help each other to grow.


We like to celebrate each other’s learning mistakes as well as our achievements. We understand that it’s okay to get things wrong because that is how we learn best. We start each and every day saying “Yes I Can!”


“I like our trim trail to climb on and balance. I like the mile run too.” – Oakley


“I like doing handwriting,  it’s made my writing really neat.” – Poppy


“I like Maths. It’s so fun to learn. We use conkers to help us add and take away.” – Ezme


“I like it when we learn about the skeleton. It’s so fun to learn about our organs and bones and muscles.” – Naeve


“I like it when we play the car Phonics game on the computer.” – Nicholas


“I like it when we read the funny book about the dinosaur. It made us all laugh.” – Freya


“ I like how we made our own role play Space Station with tinfoil and tape.” – Bella


“I like it when we dance every day to Wake Up Shake Up.” – Oakley


“I like looking after and cleaning out and feeding the chickens.” – Poppy


“I like it when my sharing partner helps me learn.” – Daisy




Teacher - Miss McQueen

LSA's - Mrs Clark and Miss Gallagher


Year 1 Home Learning Grid - Summer 2019

Year 1 Summer Newsletter 2019

Year 1 Summer Topic Plan - Let There Be Light


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