Welcome to the Mayflower class...

This is where the first steps in an amazing learning adventure begin. We are four and five years old and are in our very first year at ‘big school’. We are so lucky to go to the best school in the world – Lanesend Primary School, where we learn through play in a fabulous indoor and outdoor learning environment.

In Mayflower Class, we prefer to:
Create, rather than duplicate
Speak, rather than listen passively
Make books, rather than fill workbooks
Solve our own problems and ask questions, rather than be told solutions
Initiate, rather than imitate
Try again, rather than fail
Be kind and loving to each other

We truly love learning and sharing our knowledge and skills with visitors to our class, so please come and see us any time. You will always leave with a smile.

Reception Autumn Term Newsletter 2020 Part 1

Reception Autumn Term Newsletter 2020 Part 2

Reception Autumn Term Topic Plan 2020

Reception Autumn Term Home Learning Grid 2020

Teacher - Miss Hopkinson

LSA's - Emma Gallagher, Nikky Westmore, Jackie Jones, Jane Richmond, Nicky Domoney, Bonnie McBride


Reception Home Learning Grid Autumn Term 2020

Reception Topics Autumn Term 2020


Reception Newsletter Autumn Term 2020 Pt 1

Reception Newsletter Autumn Term 2020 Pt 2

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