Junior Rock Challenge

Junior Rock Challenge UK is a series of performing arts events which promotes healthy life choices.


Junior Rock Challenge 2018 - 'Time and Tide Wait for no-one'

Information for J Rock 2018

I am delighted to say that we are once again entering Junior Rock Challenge. This year our performance is going to be a striking interpretation of King Cnut and the story of the tide! It is going to be a dramatic interpretation of when power goes to one's head and brings one's downfalls. Rehersals before the Christmas break will be during school time on Tuesday afternoons with Mary. In the new year, we will then begin to rehearse after school on a Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

2018 Performance date: Thursday 22nd February 2018 at Southampton Guildhall

Junior Rock Challenge 2017 - 'Pure Imagination'

See our full Global Rock 2017 Timeline Here

See our costume Gallery Here for 'Pure Imagination' 2017

Information for J Rock 2017 

I am delighted to say that we are once again entering Junior Rock Challenge. This year our performance is going to showcase a selection of Roald Dahl stories and how his memory lives on even today! Our children will reveal Roald Dahl writing in his shed and how these ideas have developed into family favourites such as James and The Giant Peach, Matilda, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and the Witches. Our piece this year will be full of excitement, imagination and magic!

Our children were fabulous in our final performance where all 106 children performed our story, 'Pure Imagination' (a tribute to Roald Dahl). We loved taking part and competing with the other schools. Thank you to all the staff, children, volunteers and parents who made our performance the most vibrant and energetic yet! Well done Team Lanesend!

2017 Performance Date: Friday 17th February with 106 children performing!

Awards Junior Rock Challenge 2017!
-Set design and function
-Stage use
-Visual enhancement
-Video performance
-Performance Choice
-Stage crew
-Performance skill

Junior Rock Challenge 2017 Sponsorships

WightfibreCo-OpSpinlock  Spencer Rigging
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Junior Rock Challenge 2016 - 'Where the Wild Things Are'

26th February 2016 - Last night the crowd went wild as Lanesend Primary performed ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ at J Rock 2016. Our entry was kindly sponsored by Wightfibre, Island Facility Services and the Cowes Charity Committee.

86 children from Years 3 to 6 participated in the event, having come 3rd last year, which was the first time the school had been placed, the team were determined to go bigger. The night exceeded all expectations when the awards were announced.

The evening really did go wild when the final award of the night was announced and Lanesend Primary were awarded first place. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house, with families, children and staff completely stunned and overwhelmed with the success.

You can view our Global Rock 2016 gallery here

Awards 2016

- Winner of the 2016 Be Your Best Southampton J Rock – Thursday Night
- Pauline Quirke Academy Award of Excellence of Performance Skill
- ACRO Criminal Records Office Award for Performer’s Choice
- Hampshire County Council Award of Excellence for Stage Use
- Pauline Quirke Academy Award for Spirit of J Rock
- HC3S Award of Excellence for Set Design and Function
- Hampshire County Council Award of Excellence for Entertainment
- Sew n So Award of Excellence for Costuming Character
- Hampshire Healthy Schools Award of Excellence for Visual Enhancement
- ACRO Criminal Records Office Award of Excellence for Drama
- Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team Award of Excellence for Concept
- Radian Award of Excellence for Soundtrack
- Chloe Johnson – Winner of the 2016 Sir John Hoddinott Award for Individual Excellence 

Junior Rock Challenge 2015 - 'The Selfish Giant' 

30th October 2016 - We are taking part on Thursday 25th February 2016 at Southampton Guildhall. We currently have over 80 children taking part. More news will follow as rehearsals go full steam ahead!

In 2015 we came third and it was a real 'wow' moment for the children, families and staff. Well done to our children who after months of hard work were placed 3rd tonight at our heat! Read about the awards we won here.

Here are some of our spectacular costumes from Global Rock 2015: