Halve Maen

Welcome to Halve Maen Class...

Welcome to Halve Maen class, in Year 6, where we are 10 and 11 years old and enjoying our last full year at primary school as the oldest children in the school.

We are supportive and caring and enjoy challenging work and learning new things every day. We are respectful of each other and always aim to try our hardest. We are developing an attitude to learning which will help us succeed when we move on.

The Halve Maen classroom is a place where:

-        we are respectful of the needs of each other;

-        we love hearing different opinions and challenging our own beliefs and ideas;

-        we understand the importance of being polite and go out of our way to be thoughtful;

-        we celebrate one another’s achievements – big and small;

-        we use our resilience to learn and succeed every day;

-        we work hard and enjoy the rewards of our hard work.

Autumn Term Newsletter 2020

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Teacher - Mrs Wall

LSA's - Maria Revert-West, Claire Gladdis, Emma Crawley, Simone Smith and Charlotte Clare



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