Glastonbury Tor

Welcome to Glastonbury Tor class in year one. In our class we love to learn and we love to explore. Our class is named after an ancient hill in Somerset, which is in South West England. It is an area that is surrounded by legend and one we are looking forward to investigating further.


We are so excited to be exploring all areas of the curriculum now that we are in year one, and we are lucky enough to be able to do this through our challenge time. In challenge time we create our own challenges, which can include writing stories, performing poems or building dens! We also love taking part in active learning, including through Golden Mile and weekly P.E. lessons. We are super excited that this year we will also have the opportunity to do ballet and swimming as well!


In Glastonbury Class, our class charter is to be independent learners, kind friends and show quality in all that we do. We hope you will pop along and see us bringing this to life.


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Teacher - Mrs Wyld

LSA's - Rachel Clark, Charlotte Rothwell, Gemma Mackinnon, Bonnie McBride



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