Caroline Sice

Role: Staff (Headteacher) Trustee
Committee: Money Group, Teaching and Learning, Child Centred Group.
Date of appointment: 30th July 2014

I have been Headteacher here at Lanesend for 6 years, previous to this I was Headteacher at another local school on the Island and before that I spent 10 years in schools in Kent. Teaching has always been my first passion although upon leaving school I moved to London, to Kent, to Hong Kong, back to England, with a bit of travelling in between, experiencing a range of jobs from secretary to teaching English as a foreign language.

My desire to become a Headteacher was a belief that children needed the best experience growing up not only in learning, but in fun too!. I still strongly believe that children are all individuals, all needing an individual learning journey and work very hard to make a difference to each child.

My mantra is the story of the starfish where a person is walking along a beach covered with starfish just as the sun is about to rise. He meets another person picking up the starfish and putting them back in the water, the person asks why they are wasting their time picking up the starfish as the sun is just about to rise. He replies " If i can make a difference to one, then the time was worth giving".

If I can make a difference to just one child then my time was worth giving.

I am a mum of 2 children who are grown up, but I see every child who I have ever taught as one of my children too.
Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests
Governance roles in other educational institutions: None
Any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff: Niece is an employee of Lanesend Primary School.

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