Andrea Flux

Role: Staff Trustee
Committee: Child Centred Group.
Date of appointment: 30th July 2014

Each day at Lanesend is filled with learning, laughter and lots and lots of smiles! This is my third year working at Lanesend as our Family Liaison Officer. My aim is to make a positive difference to children and their families every day. This includes promoting outstanding levels of attendance, sharing strategies and supporting wellbeing in our community.

Before joining Lanesend, I was a Governor at two local schools for 10 years. Some of my previous job roles were in retail, customer relations and banking. Currently I am a staff Governor at Lanesend and belong to the Child Centred Group, which focuses on pupil wellbeing and safeguarding. I also have two children and three step children.

Our families support our school each year through various fundraising events such as our Lanesend Festival, Christmas Fayre and Cake Sales. I am proud to be part of each and every one of our children’s journey through Lanesend. I love making memories, helping the children feel safe and most importantly we have fun!

Relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests
Governance roles in other educational institutions: None
• Any material interests arising from relationships between governors or relationships between governors and school staff: Daughter works at Lanesend Primary School.

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